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Products & Services

Rite Time Pharmacy is dedicated to our customer’s recovery, whether they have short and long-term medical needs. Therefore we carry a wide variety of products and medications, which include:

  • Prescription Products: Liquids (syrups, drops, elixirs, lotions, shampoos), tablets, capsules, cream, ointments, injectables, suppositories, unit dose products,
    prosthetics, walkers & wheelchairs, mobility vehicles
  • Over the Counter Products: Vitamins, analgesics, antihistamines, laxatives, herbals, cold and allergy, antacids, skin care, diagnostic products, bandaging items.
  • Home Health Care Products: Blood pressure cuffs, bedpans, scales, diabetic supplies, etc.
  • Beauty Care Products: Shampoos, makeup, cleansers, blemish removers, etc.

Our list of inventory for GSA Schedule ordering will be posted soon.


Rite Time Pharmaceuticals now offers CarePoints®, a patient messaging system that produces real-time printed educational information on the medications you purchase. Helping you understand the products you use is just one more way we can better serve you.


We ship anywhere in the continental United States. Check our Contact Page for a facility near you. Depending on your location, shipments should reach you within 2-3 days.

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